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      0800 804 8621 / 023 9250 1666

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Get a Free Quotation!
Call us on 0800 804 8621 or 023 9250 1666 to get a Free quotation or make an appointment.
Offering a range of styles, finishes, colours, accessories. Installed in days to last years, replacement windows can instantly transform the look of your home.

Our windows eliminate cold and draughty areas with their weathertight seals, have high levels of security with multi-point locking mechanisms, offering increased protection.

As all our glazing is energy efficient.
Why choose our UPVC windows?
UPVC window benefits:

Our colour-match UPVC windows and doors guarantee. Because we supply the full range of UPVC products you can be assured you that all colours are exactly matched across our entire range of window, door and roofline products. It means that our whites are the same white across all products and our woodgrain finishes are all perfectly matched. No matter what the age, style or size of your property, we can create high-quality UPVC windows and doors to enhance and add value to your home.

High-security UPVC window systems
Our UPVC products, including windows and doors, are durable and robust, giving long-life, low-maintenance performance, with no need for painting or other treatments. They are fitted with high security locking mechanisms too, giving you the peace of mind that your home is well protected against intruders.

Energy efficient upvc window and door design
Our multi-chambered frame designs deliver exceptional energy efficiency for both UPVC windows and doors – helping to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round, as well as helping to reduce your energy consumption. Our slim window frames also allow the area of glass in windows to be optimised, maximising the amount of natural light within your home.

Contact Details

Gosport Home Improvements Ltd.
2 Cranbourne Road,
Gosport, Hampshire
PO12 1RJ

Telephone: 0800 804 8621

Benefits at a Glance

Colour-match windows guarantee
High-security UPVC window systems
Energy efficient UPVC window design
Up to 10 year guarantee
Improved thermal efficiency

Types of our Windows

Sash windows
Casement windows
Reversible UPVC
Coloured windows
Tilt & turn windows

Call us to get more information
0800 804 8621
or 023 9250 1666